At Africaobserver, we believe in the intelligence of the people and that news is not influenced by preconceived notions.

Africaobserver is a media outlet that welcomes all points of view and voices, as well as ideas and perspectives.

Africaobserver’s mission is to support an Africa Rising and to empower Africans by providing access to independent, trustworthy, and relevant national, regional, and international news, business, politics, sports, and entertainment stories.


Africaobserver is a brand-new pan-African news outlet with a distinct concept and vision.
Africaobserver strives to provide accurate information in a non-obvious format.

The Africaobserver team is made up of professional seasonal journalists who collaborate to provide fact-based, unequivocal journalism.

Africaobserver benefits from the knowledge and experience of a large network of correspondents spread across the continent.