Cute Abiola given a month ‘extra duty’ mocking police

According to the Nigerian Navy, OSCOMP Abdulgafar Ahmad, aka Cute Abiola, is currently serving a one-month punishment for making fun of the Nigeria Police Force during one of his skits.

The famous Instagram comedian, who was apprehended on November 15, 2021, has been released from detainment to start serving his ‘light reparative punishment’ in the cantonment until December 15, 2021.

Commodore Suleman Dahun, a naval spokesperson, confirmed the development to Punch, saying the 25-year-old comedian was given a light punishment of a ‘one-month extra duty’ after a military trial.

“After being tried, cute Abiola was assigned one month of extra duty.” He will be in charge of cleaning, as well as supervising painting, electricians, carpenters, grass cutting, and other tasks. Dahun stated that he will be supervising civilians.

“He is no longer detained.” He has been given permission to move around in order to serve his sentence.

“Because he was detained on November 15, that one month will begin to count from that date, which means he will be engaged until December 15.” He’ll be off extra duty by then.”

A military source who spoke to Punch explained the meaning of ‘extra duty,’ saying the comedian will serve as a “Minister of Works in the Barracks” for the duration of the punishment.

And according to source, Cute Abiola ought to have known better than to dress up in police uniforms in his skits, much less even mock the police force.

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