Ivory Coast government has resumed talks with the opposition

In an effort to strengthen unity and democracy in Ivory Coast, the government has resumed talks with opposition parties.

After the untimely death of Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko in March of last year, the political dialogue came to a halt.

Around 21 major political parties participated in the dialogue on Thursday.

The talks were being led by Prime Minister Patrick Achi, who described it as a testament to the strength of Ivorian democracy.

He emphasized the importance of understanding the benefits of peace and urged political party leaders to work for national cohesion and the country’s stability.

The opposition Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) leader, Pascal Affi N’guessan, expressed optimism about the dialogue.

The forum will focus on the local elections scheduled for 2023, as well as a reform of the national electoral commission.

The civil society will also play an important role in the dialogue.