Morocco has halt all incoming flights

All incoming flights to Morocco have been suspended beginning this Tuesday.

The suspension is in response to the new Omicron variant, and it will last two weeks.

Many people, including Charleroi resident Mohamed Bekkaoui, were forced to travel on Monday night at the last minute.

“We’re off to Charleroi. We had tickets to travel on Sunday, but my son asked me to go to Rabat immediately at 8 p.m. yesterday. That’s exactly what we did. We were fortunate to find transportation “He stated.

Fatine, another Charleroi resident, had her plans shattered.

“”I traveled to Morocco to see my mother, but my trip did not go as planned.

According to her, she already purchased the return ticket, “but due to the new crisis and these decisions, we were forced to travel, especially since they did not give us enough time to find a solution.”

The Moroccan foreign ministry stated on social media that the decision was made to maintain the progress made during the pandemic last year.

Scientists are concerned about the new variant’s nature and the efficacy of current vaccines.

According to Rabat doctor Agraou Benissa, “the Omicron variant appears to be easily transmitted, but we haven’t had enough time to get a sense of it, but I believe they are following WHO recommendations. I believe we can make special arrangements for those who work there.”

Morocco kept its borders closed last year, fearing that the health system would be overwhelmed by the increasing number of patients seen in Europe.

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