Nigeria has confirmed a plan to destroy expired vaccines

Nigerian authorities have announced that they will destroy nearly one million expired doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

They claim that international donors delivered the vaccines just before their expiration date, leaving them with insufficient time to distribute them throughout the country.

The number of vaccine doses to be destroyed has been announced for the first time by Nigerian health authorities.

Dr. Faisal Shuaib, the head of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, told journalists that his organization was cooperating with the country’s drug regulator to set a date for the destruction of the expired vaccines.

According to the authorities, no expired vaccines have been administered in the country.

Only 2% of Nigeria’s 200 million people have gotten two doses of the Covid vaccine so far.

Authorities have stated that they will no longer accept vaccines with a short shelf life.

According to the Reuters news agency, health officials in Senegal say at least 200,000 vaccines have expired, with another similar number set to expire by December.

The vaccines’ low uptake has been blamed.

“The main issue is vaccine hesitancy… the number of reported cases is decreasing. ‘Why is it important to get vaccinated if the illness isn’t present now,’ they ask “, according to Ousseynou Badiane, who is in charge of Senegal’s vaccine rollout.

Source BBC
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