The suspect in the SA parliament fire had ‘explosives’

According to prosecutors, a man suspected of setting fire to South Africa’s parliament was apprehended with explosives.

Zandile’s Christmas is coming up. Mafe is facing five charges, including two counts of arson, in connection with the blaze that engulfed the historic Cape Town building on Sunday and spread throughout the building.

All charges against the 49-year-old have been denied by him, and his attorney claims that his client was the victim of mistaken identity.

Mr Mafe is the only person who has been apprehended in relation to the fire.

Despite the fact that no one was injured in the fire that completely destroyed the National Assembly’s lower chamber, the incident has shocked South Africa, and the courtroom was packed ahead of Mr Mafe’s scheduled appearance on Tuesday.

As he entered the room, the sound of cameras clicking erupted, and he appeared unkempt and dazed, according to Nomsa Maseko of the BBC. He was wearing shorts and a creased shirt, and he appeared unkempt and dazed, according to Nomsa Maseko of the BBC.

At the end of his appearance, Mr Mafe, who lives in a township called Khayelitsha, which is located south-east of the city centre, removed his mask and turned slowly to allow the photographers to capture his face in the photographs.

An official with the National Prosecuting Authority said Mr Mafe was facing five charges, which were as follows:

theft of “laptops, crockery and documents” in the course of “housebreaking” with the intent to steal
Two counts of arson were brought against him.
Possession of an explosive device is a criminal offense.
Dismantlement of critical infrastructure
Mr Mafe was apprehended within the parliamentary complex, according to police, after the fire broke out on Sunday.

However, Mr Mafe’s lawyer, Luvuyo Godla, claims that the wrong person has been detained and that Mr Mafe is being used as a “scapegoat.”

The case was postponed for seven days in order to allow police to continue their investigation into the incident. Mr Mafe was remanded in custody until the court date was determined.

Meanwhile, firefighters continue to make their way through the Parliamentary building…………………………………… Officials with the city of Cape Town said they are attempting to locate any remaining hot spots that could rekindle the blaze.

It has already been reignited once, when strong winds caused smoldering wood in the roof to catch fire again on Monday, causing the fire to spread again.

Source BBC